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As a highly reviewed freezer repair service provider, we have provided countless people in the Saint Paul MN area with the appliance repair assistance they needed.

It is our full intention to become the number one provider for freezer repair in Saint Paul MN. Our many years in business have already lead to many happy clients as a result of our consistent positive results with freezer repair and servicing in the Saint Paul MN area.

Our history has provided our technicians with experience on all different kinds of freezer problems. This includes many common issues, such as:

  • Not maintaining freezing temperatures.
  • Not showing any sign of power.
  • Frost building up on the inside.

Regardless of what your issue may be, our technicians have already seen it and fixed it time and time again. You will not have to worry if you choose us for your freezer repair in Saint Paul MN.

If you contact us and arrange an in-home consultation, our technician will do the following:

  • Diagnose the problem.
  • Find the problematic freezer parts.
  • Write an estimate including the cost of parts and labor.
  • Obtain the freezer parts in Saint Paul MN upon hiring.
  • Install the freezer parts.
  • Test to confirm the freezer is working properly again.

As an added bonus, we offer a $10 discount on all first repairs and we chuck the service call charge out the window if you do hire us for a repair!

So if you are stuck with a poorly performing or completely broken freezer and want it fixes, choose us as your Saint Paul freezer repair service provider. You will be glad you did!

Helpful tip

Is your freezer for longer than it should? It’s possible that the defrost timer is to blame. This timer is used to activate the defrost heater multiple times throughout the day. The heater turns on for a couple minutes to melt frost that’s built up on the evaporator coils. This process only works if the timer is working right. If there is a problem with the timer, it may not trigger the heater to start up when it should. If this is the case, the timer will need to be replaced as there is no way to repair it.

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