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We are a Saint Paul washer repair provider that stops at providing nothing but the best service that money can buy. We are quick, friendly, and highly professional when dealing with a client that needs a washer repair in Saint Paul MN.

Our licensed technicians have countless years of experience in the Saint Paul MN area as washer repair specialists.

No matter the issue you are facing with your washer, we will be able to help. We can take care of various washer problems, such as:

  • Leaking while in use.
  • Not spinning or rinsing.
  • Stopping mid-cycle.
  • Making weird or loud noises.
  • Not turning on.

So whatever problem you are facing, you will be sure to see a solution if you hire us for your washer repair in Saint Paul MN.

Our technicians are on call for home visits in the Saint Paul MN area and always show up and provide nothing but a polite and professional washer repair service.

This begins by you getting in touch with us to arrange an in-home visit at your home. Our technician will show up and go through the following steps:

  • Look at your washing machine to figure out the problem.
  • Identify any parts that may need replacing.
  • Evaluate and write out the estimated cost for labor and any needed washer parts.
  • Obtain the necessary washer parts in Saint Paul MN after getting the green light.
  • Return and install the new washer parts and test your machine to ensure it works properly.

We charge a service call fee for anyone that just gets their problem diagnosed. However, choosing to hire us for your repair means a nice $10 discount on your first repair and a 100% savings on the service call fee.

Helpful tip

It’s very important to transfer your completed load of laundry from your washing machine to your dryer as soon as it is done. If you do not, you are giving your clothes the chance to be subjected to mildew growth. There’s also a good chance that bad odor will start to form. So, simply switch the clothes over as quickly as possible. The harmful effects may not be severe if the clothes sit for a few minutes, or even an hour. However, letting the clothes sit for hours or even overnight is definitely a bad idea.

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