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We are Saint Paul MN area’s number one oven repair service provider.

We say this confidently as we have gathered an extensive list of satisfied clients after serving as a Saint Paul oven repair solution during our many years in operation.

As such, we are exactly who you want to deal with if you are in need of an oven repair in Saint Paul MN.

We have experience with just about any oven problem that you can imagine. Some examples include:

  • Non-functional baking or broiling element.
  • Non-functional stovetop burners.
  • Elements not maintaining set temperature.
  • Oven pre-heating and then losing heat.
  • Oven not properly receiving power from outlet.

We never struggle to find a solution while providing our repair service to those in need of an oven repair in Saint Paul MN.

Our technicians are on hand to help you all the time. By contacting us to help with your oven repair needs, we will figure out a time that works for you to have one of our technicians to visit your Saint Paul MN home.

You just have to call us. We will do the rest – this includes:

  • Have a technician find the cause of your oven problems.
  • Identify any oven parts that are not working properly.
  • Write out an estimate for the cost of labor and parts based on the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide.
  • Upon hiring, locate a supplier for the oven parts in Saint Paul MN to quickly perform the repair.
  • Return and install the new oven parts and test the machine.

That’s all.

Plus we currently have a $10 discount promotion on the initial repair and anyone that hires us for a repair doesn’t have to pay a cent for the service call fee.

Helpful tip

While not every oven has a relay board, many do. This is a circuit board that contains numerous relays. These relays control the electrical current delivery to the oven’s heating elements. If your oven is not heating up properly, it may be because of problems with the relays. If any of the relays failed, the relay board will not be able to function properly. If this is the case, the entire relay board must be replaced. You cannot purchase individual relays. Also, it’s best to let an appliance repair tech install the relay board for you.

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